King Zane O

The three year olds have an interestingly strong concept of self. Sometimes I’ll call Zane fuzzy head, string bean, or some other spur of the moment nickname and he’ll get all serious and say, “No string bean. I am Zane O!” I thought maybe it was unique to him, but when his buddy Ben was visiting he climbed to the top of the slide tower and said he could touch the ceiling. I said “how’s the weather up there, Sunny?” and he solemnly replied “My name is Ben.”

Oh, and it’s “Zane O” not just Zane. I’m pretty sure he picked that up from his Aunt Laura on the trip out West or the video chats we have once or twice a week with her. Last night we chatted and she had a whole BAG of hot wheels cars. She pulled them out to show Zane one at a time and he raptly watched, biggest smile ever. Speaking of hand-me-downs, Janet passed along three Hess trucks and they have supplanted all other toys in Zane’s life. One of them is a car carrier with two cars inside. If that wasn’t awe inspiring enough, daddy put batteries in and it glows! Life just doesn’t get much better.