Kid in a book store

Part of Sunday’s big son & dad outing, after a couple of hours running around at the science museum and a nice big Thai lunch, was a visit to Dartmouth bookstore. We hit the kids department a couple of times, interspersed with running around the labrynthian corridors and floors. He only played with the trains once and then he started browsing books, which just warms the heart.

He also found EVERY instance of Angry Birds paraphernalia they had for sale but, hey, he’s a kid. We watched a coyote clobber himself over and over chasing a roadrunner and all manner of rabbits, ducks, and fudd violence as kids … Zane has egg stealing pigs and angry birds.

One feels some sense of accomplishment if he ends up falling asleep after a day out. That is until you remember that he’ll have to wake up and it might not be easy.

p.s. Happy Birthday Aunt JJ!