Kid Chaos

Kid Chaos

I took a bunch of photos with Zane standing around his little piano, some of them much less cluttered than this. But this one seems to capture the essence of the room and of Zane. There’s the swing in the left foreground, a neglected walker in the left distance, tons of books, a few toys, a clutter of blankets and pillows, along with the two standing toys. He seems very focused and intent when standing at the keyboard toy, but he’ll also get just as involved if I stand him at the pile of wood stove pellet bags. Mostly I think he likes standing and trying/seeing new things.

Yesterday was a bit of a mess. At dinner he lost his cookies, the second time in two days. We haven’t pinned down a specific reason and he doesn’t seem to have a temperature or acting sick. Maybe it’s was too soon after his late afternoon nap? Cleaned up and back in great spirits we all went out to eat in town. Shortly before our food arrived Zane started coughing and lost it again, and this just as the waitress (4 boys, 1 girl Zane’s age) was telling us how great this age was.

Zane was back to his happy, bouncy self after we cleaned him up. Drank a bunch of milk and went to bed on time. Of course we were kind of nervous, leaving a light on and regularly checking in on him. Maybe we got a bad batch of baby food? Or it’s just the way things are sometimes? A friend with a handful of teenagers seemed to suggest that throw up and spit up were part of the package.

Hey, welcome to April. I’ve started a new photo collection in the Media Gallery. Last month saw 41 photos. Most, if not all, of the photos are the same ones posted here, I put them in the media gallery for anyone who wants to browse the current or past months as a slideshow. And, yes, I’m dreadfully overdue on Zane videos.