Over Zane’s initial protestations (Curious George??) he and I watched an episode of Sesame Street last night. A few minutes into it he said, “Zoe and Elmo!” It’s pretty interesting that he can quickly recognize different characters by name. That and objects (like trucks) even when they are in wildly different perspectives and styles.

The Sesame Street episode was about jumping, or at least had a long segment on it. So Zane and I tried jumping. For all of his vertical antics he’s not really very good at jumping yet and kept holding out his hands to have me “lift him” to jump. But eventually he was persuaded to try jumping over the dog bone. At least that was what I suggested…he tried jumping over anything the dog owned, ball included. The jump was more of a walk-with-high-steps but he gets an A for effort. Eventually even that proved too high and I got a picture of him just as he was falling.