July Baby Party

Yesterday was a July babies birthday party, a celebration for babies (in our little baby circle of friends) who were born in July or close to it. The party consisted of food, sporadic adult conversations, not so sporadic baby meltdowns or bonks or boinks or misunderstandings. Great fun as babies and adults check out the host’s toys and baby proofing and patience.

And then everyone gets together for the eating of the cupcakes.

I’m not sure how much you can tell about a baby’s personality from how they eat a cupcake but they sure do approach the problem in unique ways. Zane tried a couple nibbles, his mom holding the cupcake and his dad holding him, but he seemed too overwhelmed to focus on a single item like that, frosted or not. Jonah was all over his and it over him, coming the closest of any kid to finishing the whole thing. The rest of the gang poked and nibbled and grabbed and generally got frosting in hair, on hands, faces, clothing and parents.

I doubt that you can spot them, the rightmost four babies from last Halloween’s Party are in the photo below. They are the four rightmost in this photo too if you ignored the baby in orange.