It was inevitable...

We had a big day yesterday: recycling, home depot, Montshire museum, out to lunch, shopping for Mother’s day, playground, then Faith sends me a message “hey, could you guys order chickens?” Well, frankly that was going to be Mommy & Zane’s job, I’m the coop builder in this project. But since time was running out I reluctantly agreed to go over there and order the pullets. This meant in a few weeks or a month we’d get mostly grown chickens and “all” I needed to do in the meantime was build a coop. I didn’t expect what would happen when we tried to order them.

“You sure you don’t want chicks? We’ve got extras right over there.” the store clerk announced, with an eager Zane listening.

“Yes!” he replied.

After a failed attempt to talk him out of it, a couple phone calls with his mommy, and a settling sense of inevitability we walked out of there with six baby chicks, various supplies, and an almost six year old floating a few feet off the ground with happiness.

A box was set up, heat lamp, food, water, newspaper, etc… Every few minutes, “Can I go touch the chickens again?”

This morning he woke up and came right downstairs to talk to them. I left him after a while only to find that he’d caught one and was giving it a tour of the house (“This is the dog, Raz. This is daddy. This is the hall.”). A short while later he dragged his music player into the room and turned on the Philadelphia Chickens CD for them. A little while after that he came into my room for some tape, so he could hang up a chicken poster next to them. Right now he’s sitting next to them playing with the iPad … watching the “Chicken & Cow” cartoon.

This should be interesting.