It's working...

The new bed seems to do the job. Yesterday we had a family outing to get a new mattress, replacing the bottom futon (used) with a full size, real mattress along with sheets and a mattress cover. By the time we were on our way back home the van was stuffed: a full size mattress DOES fit inside, with a little creative positioning. I don’t know about the rest of the gang, but I sure like the new mattress.

Speaking of sleeping, here’s some notes on the current state of affairs. No naps. Daddy may be tired, Mommy may be tired, even Zane may be tired, but trying to get him to take a nap is a long and arduous affair. Even if you should eventually succeed you’ll face the highly likely chance that he’ll not want to wake up and when he does, won’t be very happy with the world. Just not worth it.

Going to bed at night takes a bit more effort as well. As the “negotiator” (Faith’s term) he now feels obligated to try and: a) get a drink of water, b) go to potty, c) more snuggles, and d) have dinner/breakfast/snack all after you’ve read books, snuggled and are ready to leave him for the night. On the cute side he now likes to talk. We’ll be lying in bed after reading, lights off, and he’ll just start talking about things. He still stumbles or fumbles around to think up a word for what he’s thinking, but for the most part he can carry on a pretty long and involved conversation.

In fact he now has conversations with the dog and cat. The other night I told him that Tink had said something to him, and he turned to face her and respond. Even funnier was when I was putting him to bed and told him to go kiss his Mommy goodnight. He was coy/hesitant, but eventually obliged. And then he walked right into Faith’s office, where Tink was sleeping on the desk (in a little cat bed), and said, “Goodnight Tink, I love you!”