It's Christmas Time?

If there’s any one thing Zane talks about the most these days it’s Christmas time. That and going down to his Grandparents. A little snow falls and it’s Christmas time and at least a few times a day he suggests we go down to the Grandparents, either tomorrow or right away. We’re using it as an opportunity to teach number of days, as in “twelve more days” and he turns it into a subtraction problem as in “two days now?” without explaining where the other ten days went.

We had a long discussion on the way to recycling and doing some shopping chores Saturday about a new garbage truck. Apparently his current garbage truck is “too old” now and he needs a new one. No explanation as to what the new one looks like, should do, or anything. Just needs a new one. Apparently, while Faith and he were shopping last night, he’s also determined that the only acceptable present for me this holiday is a little dump truck.