Intricate Life

Of course Zane woke up yesterday morning, walked out to the living room and started chanting “I DIG DIRT” over and over and over to his mom. Faith had no idea what he was talking about, having missed the prior evening’s entertainment, until grandma filled her in. So he got at least two viewings of the show yesterday.

“At least he’s didn’t beg for Curious George all day.” sighed Faith.

I saw this last night and asked grandma if she’d made it.

“No, Zane did.”


“Yes, I sat right here and watched him do it.”

Wow. This is a hand-me-down toy that blows air through little ports on the top. Set one of the various plastic tubes on a port and it spins or jumps or does something in reaction to the air. When Zane first started playing with it (2 years ago?) he was all about taking things OFF the top and putting them in the basket (which Raz has since chewed off). Lately he’s moved on to arranging them on the different ports and turning the unit on/off to watch them move. Creating a giant tower is a new one. That’s about as high as he can reach, probably four foot or so.

Speaking of reach… Watching him during his “nap” yesterday Faith and I got to watch him figure out how to climb onto his changing table. I’d put a cardboard skirt around it a couple months ago when he first tried, kind of like metal shields to keep squirrels off your bird feeder. This little squirrel figured out he had enough upper body strength to pull himself up high enough to USE the top of the cardboard as a step.

I figure we continue the “safety escalation” or go the other extreme and let him climb stuff, hoping for the best.