Drooly Boy

That there is quality drool! You can tow a 2 ton truck with that drool. Or lubricate the axles of the transport that hauls the Space Shuttle to the launch pad. Serious drool.

I haven’t taken any photos of Zane for a couple days (shock! horror!). After work yesterday he was in an animated mood while I was watching him so I got out the camera and flash. “Oh goody, more photos of Zane crawling on the bed!” I thought. After taking a few of those we headed outside with a blanket to catch the late afternoon sunshine and get a few non-flash shots.

Obviously Zane doesn’t spend much of his day in the sun (neither do I!) so it took a while to adjust to the brightness. Between the bright sun and the little cold he has, his eyes are a bit red. I liked the photo below mostly because it highlights his little mohawk and the faint wisps that are his eyebrows. Compare it to this outside photo from a month ago.

It also shows his serious side…

Hey, it’s November already! Zane is five and a half months old, getting close to half a year. With the new month there’s a new web gallery started. You can also check out the full past month of October photos.

Sunny Boy