Infinite Zortex

This is Zane’s throne. When he sits at another angle it is his bus. If his parents forget and leave it turned over it is Zane’s step stool to riches! Ostensibly it started life as a little table from Tyler with lego knobbles covering the top surface.

I got home from work yesterday and the upstairs was strewn in toilet paper, along with the normal crazy stuff Zane litters about: tupperware, boxes, xmas cards, sippee cups, books, and toys. But toilet paper, especially this much of it, was a new one. Faith said he came out of the bathroom trailing a long train of toilet paper stuck to his foot. To demonstrate, Zane stepped on some, turned his foot a bit and then sported a huge grin as the paper started “following” him around.

He gets in a fair amount of trouble in the bathroom. From unwinding the toilet paper (I know how to stop this, or slow it down but keep forgetting to install it) to tossing things down the clothes chute to combining the two sports. Faith says she’s getting tired of the layer cake of TP and dirty clothes that makes it down to the laundry room. I think it’s super cute when he gets a bath and walks over to send each of his dirty clothes down the chute. Faith thinks she’d rather keep her slippers upstairs in the bathroom. Zane thinks anything that fits is fair game and should be organized in the chute.

Mom and Dad both think he should have this kind of focus in picking up his own room and toys.

Also of note from yesterday. Faith and Zane were playing piano when he finally got bored and walked away. Faith kept playing and in a few minutes Zane was back and handed her a bag full of straws. Cute. The problem is that the straws were in a kitchen drawer. Drawers which he hasn’t been able to pull things out of. Drawers that contain knives. So last night Faith put safety latches on the drawers to match the ones already on the cabinets. Zane helped, climbing into the empty drawer on the floor or loading it up with plastic utensils and some of his finer tupperware. When his mom was busy working on the drawer and shooing him away he’d revert to tearing up toilet paper and dropping it, along with anything else at hand, into the open cabinet hole where the drawer used to be.

Our pots and pans are drifted in a fine filigree of TP snowflakes.

A couple multi-media Zane items for you today. First off is something that’s been on my answering machine at work for a month now. It’s the cutest thing (to a dadda) and makes me smile every time I run across it when listening to other messages. Most of time when they call and actually reach me he doesn’t say a word. (p.s. it might take a while for the audio widget to load)

And here’s a very short movie from the weekend. I was sled pusher, puller, director, and videographer so you’ll have to excuse the lack of steady-cam and wind noises on the microphone.