Impromptu Fun

Last night Zane and I were laying around being lumps, getting bored with Sesame Street, and decided to make some fun. First we tried to setup the train tracks on the downslope of two big triangle wedges. It mostly worked except when he tried to run the track over the top of the “mountain” and down the other side, while keeping the track flat. Frustratingly inflexible wood! Finished with that exercise he started trying new danger-baby tricks on the mountain, which involved precariously perching a big cube on it and then climbing to the top. Being his faithful sherpa I did my best to hold the mountain up. We then arranged the wedges on the couch for the ultimate in slides, as shown above. Good for a half dozen runs but what he’s really craving is a really long, crazy slide that involves lots of climbing over things.

Speaking of Sesame Street I think it was the second time we’ve watched it together and this time was pretty amazing. They had a little video segment on the letter B. There were lots of big and little B’s flying around delivering B named items to people and Zane kept pointing and saying B for each one. The number of the day was seventeen and while he didn’t attempt to say it he did count along with them all of the way up to ten! Really impressive considering I’ve been counting to him forever and he hardly ever joins in.

And then Elmo came on and we both lost interest. Maybe he’ll someday go through an “isn’t elmo great!” stage (hope not) but until then we can do without that maddening voice and laugh. Out of curiosity I asked the internet who did Elmo’s voice and was surprised with the answer.

Here’s a little video from a bunch of clips cluttering up my desktop. Enjoy.