Impromptu Camping

It’s been a crazy Summer. Between the weather, work, other trips and lack of planning Zane and I haven’t gone camping at all. This was going to be the weekend for it though. We headed up to Storr’s Pond (10 miles away, where he had a summer science camp and has been dying to go) to check out the campsites. I like tent site K, alone and isolated perched atop a hill. Zane likes L, close to the road and, uh, that’s about it. Then we checked the other side and both liked A (near water) and 5 (big area, near water AND AC power). But the ones we wanted were all booked up for the weekend.

So, plan B: go camping immediately!

Wednesday morning, after way too long trying to find our inflatable mattress, Zane and I had packed the mini van, bought a new mattress, and arrived at camp site 5. Time to set up the tent … and then the mattress.

Hmm, maybe I should have read the SIZE of this thing a bit closer? It barely fits in the tent. From this point forward the tent is now referred to as the bouncy house. Ah well. Next we got the canoe into the water and go for a long ride to explore all of the lake.

Then we went fishing.

Then we went swimming in the lake, then swimming in the (heated) swimming pool, then we took two showers (cold at pool, hot at bathhouse next to tent site) and got dressed in warmer clothes.

Finally it was time to make a fire. Zane was a little bit interested but then once it got going and he’d cooked some hot dogs it became his new obsession.

But first some marshmallows…

And then another break for an evening boat ride, which was really nice.

And then back to the fire! Ok, the only reason we went for the boat ride was that I didn’t want him to spend FOUR HOURS playing with the fire. He just totally loved the fire. Experimenting with how different things burn, stirring it, feeding it, swirling sticks with embers on the end, you name it … fire, fire, fire.

Faith drop by to deliver some essentials (toothbrushes, soap) and Zane made her some really burnt marshmallows.

Next morning, 6am, where’s the first place he headed? Yes, to make a fire! I insisted that going to the bathroom should be first and then we worked on making a new fire. I cooked bacon and eggs to feed him and he fed the fire.

Eventually the fire was put out (“why???”) and we went fishing in the boat … badly. Somewhere there’s a pre-teen version of myself wondering how I could be such a terrible, horrible, rotten fisherman. We “maybe” had one nibble, but mostly it was a comedy farce disguised as father/son fishing.

Canoe put away, a couple hours left on our camp site reservation, we headed out for a 2 mile hike around the lake. Surprisingly we found some obstacle courses, skiing and biking trails, and even an 18 hole frisbee golf course along the way.

All in all a good outing.

Zane asked me this afternoon, “Can we go camping again?” I said, “To do what, what did you like?” His reply, “I really liked the fire!” “What about everything else?” “Uh, not so much.”

So maybe we’ll build a fire pit in the backyard and call it camping…