I'm Bald!

Poor bald baby

Poor Zane. Everything that Becky and everyone else said about wanting to constantly snuggle with the baby is true. So true, in fact, that we’ve simply worn off all of his hair! He’d be sporting thick, perfectly coifed hair if not for us rubbing his silky noggin and wearing the follicles right off.

I can’t speak for his Mom, but I’ve also been kissing him like crazy. He’ll be sitting there minding his own business when a big set of coffee scented lips comes out of nowhere and plants a big wet one on his head — further leading to the destruction of precious follicles.

Speaking of which, according to one of the books he should be coming around to appreciating kisses in the next month or so. That’s a strange one: what, or how, can you appreciate or understand a kiss? It makes no sense. There’s feeling behind a kiss, sure, but the physical manifestation of a kiss imparts little if anything tangible. Patting or stroking his head makes more sense as a reassuring action then the fraction of a second a kiss makes contact.

Maybe a kiss is an electrical or magnetic thing? A brief moment where the universal elements are bent and channeled through a common conduit in shared space? Kind of like jump starting a battery, except in this case it’s lips and magnetic flux and this huge growing brain without any hair on it.

Yeah, just like that.