I Can Has Push?

I can haz swing?

Zane’s ICanHasCheeseburger entry if he were an LOL cat.

We went to the store yesterday and thought we’d remembered everything: shopping list, baby, grocery bags, and even the little liner that turns the shopping cart from a frozen mass of hard chrome to comfy quilted baby seat.

But we didn’t bring a baby toy and baby wanted to chew. Or, in lolcat, “I Can Has UR Fingers?”

Mistake #1: you cannot add stipulations with a baby toy offering, i.e. here’s my cellphone, but no chewing it.

Mistake #2: you cannot take back a toy offering unless another one is there to replace it/distract baby.

Success #1: one person’s utilitarian object is another’s favorite teething toy, i.e. the lid from the baby bottle works very nicely, at least until mom returns from an emergency toy run to the car.

Zane’s taken a renewed interest in his swing. We’ll be on the floor playing with blocks or getting baby to practice crawling and he’ll look over lovingly at the swing. Eventually dad gets the hint. We run into Mistake #2 when trying to remove him from the swing, he even throws out a melodramatic arm in its direction and wails, “Stella!”

I’ve been trying to teach him to swing, much to his bemusement.

“Lean forward…now. Now, lean backwards. Forwards. Backwards. This isn’t working. You don’t even know what forwards and backwards mean, do you?” I say.

At which point Faith and I chorus in with, “They don’t even know the days of the week!” from her Kindergartner teaching days.