I am in your internets...

Faith says that Zane is ready for his own computer. Yesterday he crawled into her office, stood up and started typing into a spreadsheet. We’ve done some video chats with friends and family and it takes every trick I’ve got to keep him away from the keyboard. Once he gets to the keyboard he is magically able to trigger previously unknown features and/or turn things on and off instantly.

He’s pretty much the same way with the tv remote. Thinking I could outsmart him I found an old, identical looking remote, and gave it to him after removing the batteries. He loves playing with it, but in a room with a working remote and non-working remote he can easily sense which one he shouldn’t play with. If parents don’t try to stop him it mustn’t be the right remote. I’m pretty sure this is how infants learn body language.

Below is a webcam image from yesterday morning. Suffice to say he didn’t stay in that position very long.