Zane at his desk where mom is trying to teach him how to draw. Sure, he did manage to color most of his fingers and part of mommy with the easy-wash markers. The paper drawings are examples by mom or dad. I think the color on his forehead is a bruise. He seems more interested in how things work—pulling at little flaps or levers and twisting or turning things—rather than in how one might put them to work. Then again he changes so quickly you never know what will happen next.

This weekend when we were out for lunch the hostess brought over a cup full of crayons and some scrap paper. “Here, this will keep him busy,” she said, smiling at her own insight. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that he wasn’t in his artsy stage yet. Once I wrestled the cup away (he was dumping the crayons on the floor so as to explore the cup) and left him with paper and only two crayons he made a few swipes at the paper and left some markings. Probably need to fly one of the Grandmother’s out for a crash course in art or change his nighttime book to Drawing From The Right Side Of The Brain.

On the other hand he has no shortage of curiosity and is getting really good at standing on tippy-toes!

p.s. Thanks to Grandma Phil and Aunt Laura for the postcard and the nice letter in his mailbox yesterday.