How do you work this thing?

How do you work this thing?

Zane continues his befuddlement with all things binky. From what other parents have said that is a good thing, especially since he doesn’t seem to be stuck on his thumb either.

I think Faith had a good birthday. Zane and I took her out to a nice restaurant (Zins in Hanover, across the street from Dartmouth College). Actually, Faith ended up having to urge us to take her out since we were starting to run out of steam. Since Zane hadn’t eaten yet we took along the implements of baby consumption (that doesn’t sound right) and I fed him cereal mush, summer veggie mush, and prune mush while we enjoyed a goat cheese and beet salad.

Did Zane enjoy it? Well. There were lots of lights and people and shapes and sounds and lights and people and shapes and sounds and oh my what is a baby to look at I think I will look at some of the lights and people and lights and is that a sound and oh look people by lights making sounds and what an interesting shaped light not making sound but that person made a sound and is my neck starting to wear out from all of this head turning and bobbing and look a light next to a funny shaped person and why are those girls laughing and is this what college is like?

We got home at eight and kept Zane up until nine. It’s our new baby sleep management system. Left to his own devices he started waking up earlier and earlier and falling asleep earlier and earlier. Since none of us, baby included, enjoyed waking up at three or four we have been trying to keep him to a later schedule: afternoon nap before 4, not feeding dinner until after 5:30, and bedtime between 8 and 9. Sorta kinda seems to be working, but this whole baby thing is an exercise in chaos and he could start sleeping twelve hours straight again next week.

The title is from one of our favorite Ze Frank songs.