How Big is your Mouth?

I was trying to see how big his mouth was … during dinner, of course.

Should mention that Zane had a great time with his Grandparents. He even graced them with a “Il Yo Grandpa” and “Il Yo Grandma” (which I thinks means “Hello” but Faith thinks might be another language). He even made up the word Grandpappa all by himself.

The next photo shows just how quick he is in picking up on things. I’d just used the screwdriver to change the battery in the electronic dead bolt and then put it up on a nearby shelf. In less than two minutes he was over at the door with the screwdriver trying to do the same thing. I didn’t catch it in a photo, but he did get the screwdriver onto a screw head almost right away. Only a matter of time before he figures out the unscrewing part.