Hot Days and Nights

No photos from yesterday as Faith and I went out for a nice dinner to celebrate our 19th anniversary. Roseanne came over to watch Zane. When Faith told him earlier in the day he said, “Roseanne, watch?” whereby watch he meant the shiny gold one on her wrist that he’s been playing with since he was a little fella. He showed her the pond and the frogs and around his gazebo sand box house and it sounds like they had a fun evening. He even went #1 on the potty for her.

Speaking of potty, I forgot to mention that he went #2 on the potty twice on Monday. The poop truck collection has been depleted and now we’ll need to break into the bag-o-hot wheels in storage. Faith had a really rough day with him yesterday with lots of messed up big boy pants and multiple changes of clothes. All of this “hit the fan” before pre-school, which made them pretty late. Still, she says that he’s more conscious about the whole thing and seems to be playing an active role now.

Oh, one funny thing from his nap (well, lack of one, so “rest time”) yesterday. He wasn’t showing up on the camera so I panned it around and found him, he looked up at the camera and then ran to another part of the room. Panned there, he looked, then off to another quadrant. I chased him around a little bit and then he finally jumped onto his cushion and laid down. It’s like he knows he should be laying down, but decides to “play” with daddy and the camera for a while first.