Hope you like trains!

This site will probably soon become the All Train Zane Blog!

He was “driving” trains through just the tunnel last night (no tracks, holding the tunnel) and so I put together a new track with both a tunnel and an overpass. These two don’t usually survive very long since he ends up picking the tunnel up to see what’s inside or knocks the overpass over. But this time he was much more studied in his approach: pushing trains into the tunnel and when they disappeared he’d push another train in behind it to cause the first one to come out. Or he’d lean over to peek into the tunnel. I gave him a long section of straight track to push out the tunnel bound trains and he thought that was quite fascinating.

I think last night was the first in a while that he didn’t cough sometime in the middle of it, waking us up. That’s not to say his mom and dad slept the night through, I think we are now permanently in sporadic sleep behavior mode, but hey the cough seems on the way out. He hasn’t had the sniffles in quite a while and his appetite has been great these days.

Faith was reading the “B” book to him yesterday, which highlights the letter B in pink throughout. He was saying B and she asked him if he would point to the letter B, which he did, saying it each time. Later, when I had him sit on his potty after pooping (but before changing), we read the book again and he pointed out the B to me as well as pointing to and saying “Ball.” That’s our current potty training technique, btw, hoping he’ll associate the potty with going to the bathroom.

p.s. ketchup stain on shirt compliments of his dad. Did I mention that we don’t use bibs anymore? Some days meal-time is a Mondrian other times it is a Pollock.