Home in the Snow

While we didn’t get the 18” or so they were forecasting we probably ended up with a little under a foot of new snow. After I snow blowed (?) the driveway off, then made a path around the backyard for the dog, I released the hounds (Zane & Raz).

First we tried a few laps of sledding around the new path in the backyard. Raz was so full of energy that I finally hit on the idea of having him pull Zane. It worked for a short while, but when it was more uphill he kind of lost interest, probably because the collar isn’t much of a harness.

So then we moved to the front yard. I grabbed a couple shovels, giving Zane a little one to play with while I tried to dig out the remnants of our old igloo. The amount of time a 3 2/3 year old can spend with a trowel in the snow, all by himself, is quite impressive. After an hour or so of that I started trying to get some of the snow off of our three roofs (ugh!) and Zane wandered around, mostly on top of packed snow (sometimes falling through). He then discovered where the steps to the front door once were and made his very own impromptu sliding hill. It would take him five to ten minutes to make his way back to the top and then a couple seconds to slide down.