Home at last

A couple shots from the last days of our vacation, which is officially over now. Three weeks of flying and driving and walking all over Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and even New York. Zane was surely wondering if we were ever going to go home again. He slept in a handful of hotels, Mom’s cabin, and four different houses over the course of three weeks. Not to mention the wide variety of food and climate he was exposed to.

It was a great vacation. Or, as Faith so nicely put it, “We made it! One step closer to a trip to France!”

As for Zane statistics: he’s still hanging in around 20lbs, can stand for a couple minutes at a time and will take a few tentative steps if there’s something within a foot or two to grab, and his five teeth are “getting big” with something else coming (so says the drool and chewing and gna-gna-gna sounds). He also has a fantastic smile and an uplifting laugh (so says his unbiased Dad).