Hold Your Breath

A couple pics from Zane’s FIRST bath in the new bathroom setup. It’s almost done, still waiting on vanity (so no sinks right now), and the door has to be put back on along with towel racks. Still it’s very nice to be able to give him a bath without worrying about water going the wrong place.

We had a pretty busy day yesterday, doing house and yard work. He wants to help or “do it” whatever it is that we are doing. So he spent a lot of time helping me get the tractor ready again, saying “this is a really big mess” way more than was called for.

Later in the afternoon we swung out to the store to pick up things for the bathroom and he fell asleep just as we pulled into the parking lot. Faith lifted him out of the car and he woke up a little bit, but then kept falling asleep on her shoulder. So we set him up in the outdoor furniture area and took turns watching while the other person would shop.