What’s that old saying, ‘The family that says “Hmmm…” together (with finger poised just so) stays together.’? Hmmm… (p.s. roll mouse over image)

One of the things I like most about Zane is his laugh. When he laughs his whole body “smiles” and it is totally infectious. We were out to eat and, like usual, Zane and I were shooting straw wrapper paper at each other. The lady in the next table looked over just as a wrapper hit Zane and he got the biggest smile and laughed and laughed, which got her started as well.

Then, last night I gave Zane a bath before bedtime and he was laying face down in the tub blowing bubbles when he, uh, “tooted.” He sat up immediately and tooted again, this time creating bubbles. I said “stinky bubbles!” and he doubled over laughing, so much so I was worried we’d have a repeat of the last bath incident.