Hiking with the boys

First off the results are in from his dental appt … he’s got bad rapper teeth (from the Dentist, no less). “:^)

Sunday we got up early and went out for breakfast, being sure to bring along his new monkey friend. The other day I asked him what his monkey thought about something, only to be informed that it’s not a real monkey, just a doll daddy.

After coming home to pick up the dog we headed out into the cloudy, damp, drizzly New England day to attempt a hike. I figured even if it rained we’d be under the canopy of trees and it wouldn’t be a big deal, nor would we get very wet (this is called foreshadowing).

And then, braniac that I am, I taught him how to make wet trees “rain” by shaking them. Guess what we did the whole second half of the hike, in between climbing? Neither one of us was very dry at the end of the hike.

After a good lunch we headed into town, played on the playground, then found the top secret trail to the river’s edge and threw rocks for a very long time.