Hi there!

Hi there!

Say, you haven’t spotted my thumb anywhere? It was just here and I can’t seem to find it. I only discovered it the other day while chewing on my fist and this thing popped out. I gave it a chew and it was good. “I shall name you thumb!” I told the thing and went back to gnawing on it with all of my might. Very comforting.

Zane is greatly expanding his vocabulary on this his eleventh week. I’ll have to get out the audio recorder and try to capture some of the beeps and boops and whoops. Not only are there sounds, but there’s amplitude! He’s discovered enthusiasm and with it comes volume control.

Yesterday Zane and I walked into work for the first time. He might have been awake for the first half mile, but the next three miles he was zonked. Dad was a bit zonked too and would appreciate it if the city put a proper sidewalk along busy route 4. At work Zane applied his new enthusiasm and repertoire of smiles to our co-workers, wrapping them all around his little finger.

It was a good morning: a vigorous walk, a little feeding, capering, snoozing, feeding, more capers, and then a big long nap. When he finally woke up Mom was there to take him home.

It wasn’t as good of an evening. Dad finished varnishing the last of the trim and then Mom headed out to opera rehearsal. While dad tried to install a window air conditioner (to make it cooler so baby would be happier) baby lost his fragile little mind. Dad comforts, baby anger recedes, dad goes back to balancing huge AC unit in window, baby loses it, repeat…

And then sad baby was gone, replaced by charming smiles, inquisitive coos, and eventually deep sleep: leaving behind a frazzled dad. Faith comes home a couple hours later, “How was your evening? Did you boys have fun?”

Ugh, where’s my thumb?