Hey Ya!


An oldie but a goodie from a week or so back featuring his mohawk. The rest of the hair is starting to come in more and more lately so hopefully he’ll have a little natural insulation for the coming winter. Or at least something for a hat to grip. We went for a long walk to get eggs yesterday, about 2 miles round trip, with Zane bundled up in his jogger. He passed out almost right away, perhaps from the weight of so many blankets? Or maybe it was the hat situation?

A big, smooth baby head doesn’t lend itself well to headwear, which is probably why a lot of them come with straps to velcro or tie under baby’s chin. Even so, when riding in the jogger it is inevitable that the head jostling will cause his hat to ride up the back and down over his eyes. He’s asleep, surely he doesn’t mind? Yes, but that doesn’t fit the fussy parent profile, how can you see if he’s asleep if you can’t see his eyes? What ELSE is going on under the hat??? We end up messing with his hat way too much.

“Wake up, it’s time for your sleeping pill.”

Yesterday I realized that Zane has developed intention. It is no longer sufficient to simply look and grab randomly. Things capture his attention now and he’ll marshal most of his body to undertake an investigation. He took a bath with his dad yesterday in the big tub: free to swim, kick, and wander the whole tub at will. There’s a green and white safety cover on the faucet that caught his eye and even though it was a couple feet away he’d make his way towards it and then grab and inspect it. This happened about four times in the course of the bath.

Later, when we were playing on the floor together (yes, bathe first then play on floor!), he took a fancy to the green and white canvas tote bag. Eyes intent on the bag he’d reach up for my hands, pull himself to a standing position (with my help), and then lean/walk over to the bag. There’s still some physics to learn. Once he reaches the bag he kind of forgets about the whole balance and holding on to dad’s hands thing, doing a slow (but interested) collapse onto the bag. Again, he repeated the whole exercise three or four times.

Inspiration for the title from youtube.