Hey baby, wanna cruise?

“I pulled the seat off for a bad-boy look. Hop on, let’s go for a spin around the couch!”

This is the look of baby Zane after only eating 200ml of milk for the day, almost 300ml below his average. He had a big supper (chicken & green beans & french toast & eggs) but barely a splash of milk. Between the late supper and bedtime it was my job to squeeze as much milk into him as possible, which didn’t end up being much at all. So, before I went to bed an hour later I fed him again, almost bringing him to 400ml for the day, well shy of his 550-600 average.

It’s times like these that we start wondering if he’s starting to ween himself off of milk. Well, at least we wonder that until 3am the next morning when he wakes up (on schedule!), starving, and drinks almost 200ml. Baby has a quota, he’s just not always a willing participant in an orderly fulfillment of said quota.

Here’s a side view to let you see how his hair is coming in. I realized that these front shots make it look like he doesn’t have much hair, but it is coming in pretty good on the sides and back.