Helping Mom

Under the laundry line

It was a beautiful weekend here in New Hampshire, ideal for a young man to get out and explore the world. Sure, sitting on the grass under the clothesline and plucking the heads off of dandelions is great fun, but there must be more to life.

If only there were a means to travel from point A to B …

Super Crawl

Hey, this is great!

A guy could really go places with this hands-n-knees crawling technique. The visibility is much better up here, oh look, there’s Mommy. Wonder what she’s doing? I bet I can help.

Helping Mom

Yummy … bark mulch! Helping Mom is fun and delicious. Gee, how does this green stuff taste?

The end of a hard day's work

I’m not sure if we’ll ever know what Zane managed to eat during his outings over the weekend. Maybe this is the time of year that mittens were really meant to be worn on babies? Somehow he’d persevere, grazing like a little goat.

That close-up tells the whole story of his weekend: slash on the nose from a too-long fingernail, lots of boogers (teething/sniffles), a little forage from his outing, and the piercing blue eyes that don’t miss a thing. Zane is up to 19 lbs and by my rough measure somewhere around 31-32” long/tall (heel to head).

We went out for dinner last night and after he crawled and cruised around all of the bordering tables we popped him into a high chair to eat with us. He had some french fries (his first!) and hamburger, along with the standard cereal O’s. It was heartening to watch him devour everything we put in front of him. We’ve been feeding him a little bit of “normal” food at home, but it’s probably time to make it a bigger part of his meal.

After dinner we saw his buddy Gavin at the park. Gavin’s parents said that one of his top teeth was on the verge of coming out and then disappeared for a week or more. Zane’s are back to the edge again, so we are hoping they’ll be out soon. Meanwhile the bottom teeth number at least three, perhaps four. It’s not easy to tell: for all of his willingness to stuff rocks, plants, and random objects in his mouth he’s not very cooperative about letting us in.

Zane is developing a keen sense of how things work. He loves to operate drawers and doors. I put latches on the kitchen cabinets and yet he stubbornly tries to open them, some part of his brain remembering when it used to work, trying out different angles and leverage points.

I set him down (standing) in his bedroom after feeding a couple of days ago. His normal routine is to cruise over to a book shelf, thumb through his favorites, and then cruise along the changing table shelf to the dresser, where he opens and closes the drawers with the intensity of someone discovering fusion. But on this day the rocker’s foot rest was up against the changing table, blocking his way. Zane approached the table, considered the obstacle for a moment, then gripped the table firmly as an anchor while he used his butt to push the footrest away. Obstacle removed he went along his way to the coveted dresser drawer.

I couldn’t have been more proud.