Helpful Fella

After only a few blatant hints, Zane and I took his mommy out for lunch yesterday. First we went to the library and picked up a bunch of new books for him. His only requirement was that we get the “runaway train book.” It’s a Virginia Lee Burton book, whom you might remember for the Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel book. We ended up picking up the Choo Choo book and The Little House by her. Surprisingly I read the little house to him last night and he was totally enthralled. He found it quite disturbing to see the little house get all broken and neglected as it became surrounded by city and we talked about that for a long time after turning off the lights.

The night before one of our faucets broken in the water closet, spraying water everywhere before Faith got the main water shut off. I fixed it before everyone got up and at breakfast told Zane all about it. As soon as he heard the word “mess” he started talking about how he was going to clean it up, even though we said it already was. Sure enough, right after breakfast he went downstairs, got his broom and started cleaning up.