Hello Houston...

… the Weeble has landed. Or is he an Astronut?

Sometimes it is simply astounding how much Zane changes from day to day. I spent all of Saturday with him, a little bit on Sunday, and then away for a full day of work on Monday. He and Faith dropped by towards the end of the day and it was like I’d missed a week: happy, smiling, perpetual energy baby. He’d seemed normal this weekend, a little squeakier than usual, but quite a difference when compared to Monday Zane. We’ve all had a cold over the past week and he must have been feeling it a little more than we thought.

Last night I took him upstairs to get his bottle and set him down in the kitchen while I put up the gate by the stairs. By the time I got back to the kitchen he was kneeling by a kitchen cabinet, one hand prying it open while the other hand was working on pulling down the baby safety latch.

The look on his face was priceless, “wwwhaaaat???”