Happy Bathing Baby

Splashy-warm bath. Nesting cups. Does it get any better than this?

What made it all the more precious and memorable was the following. Zane was in the living room, crawling around, chirping and playing with things. I headed down the hall and started to draw his bath, heard a noise, peaked around the corner and there he was: crawling down the hall, a very serious look on his face (Mommy a few steps behind). Zane crawled all the way down the hall, around the corner into the bathroom and right up to me at the tub.

Ok, he actually crawled right up to the cabinet and played with the handle a little and then crawled a bit closer, sat up, and looked straight at me, ready for his bath.

Bath time was great, as always. He’s been sitting up in the tub for a while now and scooting around the plastic pillar in the middle of the tub (thankfully weenies are rubbery). My favorite thing is to stack the cups, sink them, and watch as he intently tries to “right” the universe of this unwelcome order.

Zane is hovering between 18 and 18.4 pounds these days. He’s also on a milk strike of sorts. Just not interested, thanks, let’s do something else, m’kay? Faith has resorted to topping him off before she goes to bed, when he’s asleep and can’t remember the details of the strike.

I took him to Home Depot yesterday and after looking for a family room door we walked across the parking lot to a new playground, conveniently located right next to an ice cream place. While I didn’t get a cone for us to share, we did a bunch of swinging and sliding. Zane, for his part, brightened the playground with laughter.