Head Stands

Head stand or new crawling technique

Or maybe it’s a new crawling technique. Whatever the case Zane’s been doing a lot of it lately. This photo doesn’t show how high he’s been lifting himself, it’s more of the tail end of the move. I watch him from work on his crib-cam in the morning and he’ll be “airing out” naked before his mom puts the day’s clothes on. One moment he’s snuffling along and the next he’s up on all fours (fives, counting the head).

I’ve been wondering, given enough time is he going to turn that into a complicated roll-over into sitting position move, just roll/flip over, or actually stand on his head. I weighed him last night before his bath, 17.2 lbs. Haven’t measured his height lately, will do that next, especially if he’s standing on his head.

Laugh it up, fuzzball