He didn't!


Zane on reading the comment from his once-almost-favorite-Uncle calling him a slacker.

Speaking of slacking off, Zane’s spending more and more of the days lucid and awake, although he’s still only sleeping about 2 hours at any one stretch (dang!). He can seemingly entertain himself for about twenty minutes, after which time he either needs food, human contact ,or someone to convince him it’s time for a nap.

And then there’s unhappy hour. Usually between 5 and 7pm he gets into a mood that nothing will really address. This leads him to greater and greater bouts of angst, with correspondingly louder accompaniment. Three nights ago we just rode it out, two nights back I managed to shut him off with a bit of belly time, shoulder bouncing, and tight swaddling. That or he finally wore out. Last night none of those were working so I started singing. Not any particular song, really, but anything and everything that came to mind from be-bop to scat to classic to yodel to dog sounds.

Shut him right up. He was probably more shocked than anything else.

Before we close, an action shot for Uncle Chris.

Ta … da ...

Super-baby, er, ta-da!