Having a ball, wish you were here II

Oddly enough I used this same title about a year ago.

One of the baby presents we got, oh a thousand years ago when Zane was born, was a backpack carrier from Becky & Chris. At first he was too small, of course, but last year he fit better and seemed to enjoy it. Not this year though. I tried it earlier, after the weather had warmed up and Zane totally freaked out, both when I put him in it and then as we walked down the road. Eventually I’d have to take him out and carry him (he’s also done with piggy-back rides).

Saturday I decided to give it another shot. Raz needed to go in the woods so I told Zane he could either wait in the house for us or climb in the backpack. After a few minutes negotiation he relented and let me stuff him in the carrier. One foot went on the wrong side of a strap, which he wasn’t happy about, but I managed to undo the strap without pulling him out, knowing that keeping him in the carrier was key.

And so it was that Zane, Raz and I went for a hike in the woods on a beautiful Fall afternoon. Zane thought it was really funny when Raz went to the bathroom in the woods and whenever he ran by at high speed. We hiked about a mile, picking wild berries and touching different kinds of tree leaves and needles. He only said “all done?” once, which is a huge accomplishment. Yesterday we did it again and he didn’t hesitate to be put in the backpack. We went on a slightly longer hike, this time looking at all of the shapes and styles of spiders along the way, eating even more berries. It’ll be great once he has the stamina and focus to walk by himself on little hikes, but for now this is the next best thing.

Here’s another video from the past week. In it Zane and his best friend Jonah go on one of their patented squeal-a-thons. This is what they do whenever they see each other after a long absence. You’ll also note how responsive Zane is (NOT) to parent commands. Jonah is almost a half a year younger than Zane.

Here’s a direct link to the video page if the video below isn’t working. Please let me know if the videos aren’t working for you. Most likely you just need to update to a newer version of Quicktime (free, and if you deselect the checkboxes you don’t even need to enter an email address).