Having a ball, wish you were here

An even better photo, the one I just missed, was when he did the same thing while standing. He leaned over, picked up the ball, and flung it in the air. Faith said that he sometimes crawls on top of the ball, with the expected crashing results if she’s not diligent.

Speaking of crashes, on the photo below you’ll find a new wound next to his eye. Yesterday after getting Zane out of bed, changing the diaper, and dressing him for the day I put him down on the floor where he stood and said “dat” while pointing things out. I turned to get out some socks and shoes, which was long enough for him to fall over and apparently bonk the side of his head into a footrest. The other red spots are either mosquito bites or pimples… he has a couple of each.

Yesterday was a bit of a fussy day all in, wounded or not. He has at least two, maybe three teeth coming in. The fourth top tooth has re-emerged after a couple week hiatus. Meanwhile on the bottom row one molar has already poked out and the gum on the opposite side looks ready to give way to the other. I’d never really considered the order of teeth before, but according to this chart he’s a little behind schedule (except for the really tardy top tooth). Maybe that chart is for British baby teeth, this chart shows him being right on “schedule.” As if there’s a real schedule for babies, ha!

Oh, and baby loves him some blueberries. A friend gave us a bag full of fresh blueberries and Zane has almost singlehandedly finished them off.