Hardest Working Kid Around

Yesterday we walked down to the farm stand to pick up eggs. It’s a mile each way and Zane walked (and ran) the whole way down. He then walked about a third of the way back, but when he began stopping every few feet to play with gravel we knew either he was tired or we were going to grow tired waiting for him. Got home, played in the gravel and around the yard for a bit, and then zonked out for an early and long nap.

This morning we headed for the hills. Well, Farnum Hill, a few miles away with a series of hiking trails. Raz was let loose, as was Zane, and they both bounded up the hill in their own fashion: Raz about a hundred miles an hour in all directions, Zane a half mile an hour and mostly holding his dad’s hand, with sporadic bursts of gleeful running. In the end I think it was enough exercise for both (well, all four of us). We had a little picnic, played at the playground, and then came home where a yawning little boy kept insisting, “No go sleep, no go sleep, no go sleep…” until it turned into “oo go sleep, o go sleep, go sleep…. zzzz”