Hard Working Kid

Do you know what Zane likes to do? Work. Any project you might be undertaking HE wants to do it instead. Changing batteries in the smoke detector? “Zane will do that Daddy!” Mopping? “Mommy, Zane wants to mop.” Cooking? “I want to do it myself!” He really jumps right in and, for the most part, does a wonderful job or at the very least gives it a solid try. He puts his own dishes away, will throw his laundry down the chute, pick up his books, and with enough urging and re-focusing, pick up his toys.

Saturday morning we started our busy day with Zane making himself some scrambled eggs. He over-broke the egg a bit so I had to help pull out the shell pieces. Then he stirred and spiced and even went to pour it into the frying pan. It would have worked great if only he was a half inch closer. After I cleaned the egg out from the tray under the burner, we got out another egg and this worked much better. After that was all said and done, with Zane parked in front of his cooked egg and a couple slices of bacon, of course he had no interest in eating it. But you knew that.

Afterwards he loaded up the recycling cardboard and helped load the van. He was a little too enthusiastic, going outside on his own, without any shoes or coat or escort, and getting in a bit of trouble for that. Once everything and everybody was loaded the three of us headed off to the dump. What I typically do is recycle the messy/sorting kind of things and then let Zane out to help with the cardboard. He even had his own box to carry this time and slowly made his way to the slot for dumping cardboard. I say “slowly” because he’s looking around, talking, describing things and just barely staying in focus with all of the interesting things around. After I threw the cardboard in he wanted to look, so I lifted him up and he checked out the inside of their large recycling garage. One of the workers asked if he’d like to come in and check it out. Silly question! Zane got to get into the little front loader, look at the crushed cardboard “bales” and then we saw the huge crushing machine in action. Very exciting.

Afterwards we went and had a donut, then stopped to see the trains at a couple of stores and run around the Powerhouse Mall for a while. When we were done (ok, Daddy was done) we piled back into the car and Zane announced that he wanted to go to the tower. It took a bit for me to decode that he meant the air traffic control tower. I explained that they only let us in during their open house (a couple months ago) but we can go look at airplanes, which we do from time to time. We wandered around the parking lot, Signal Aviations office (good viewing area) and watched a couple jets get towed and a big jet take off. Unfortunately none of the workers came out and asked if we’d like to go fly in an airplane. We’ll keep trying.

This is a really big week for Zane. This week he’s Child of the Week! He has a special bag to bring into school each day. He gets to bring things in for show and tell each day, lead the class when they walk outside, and some other special things. He’s been talking about this for the longest time. All weekend I’d ask what he wanted to do and he’d say “go to pre-school!” so you know it’s going to be quite the day today.

Oh, he’s also been experimenting with candy. Once a day he’ll get to choose something from the halloween candy and so far he’s mostly interested in lollipops.