Happy Tub Boy

Happy Tub Boy

To date we’ve been bathing Zane in the double bathroom sink. You know: a wash and rinse cycle.

With Mom and Laura out we gave the baby tub a try again (last time he was too small) and Zane just loves it! He sits there kicking his feet and having a grand ol’ time. Grandma splashes water onto his chest and he acts startled for a moment and then starts kicking anew, a big smile and bright eyes signaling his delight.

Unfortunately his Aunt and Grandma are heading back today and he’s back to plain old Ma and Pa again. There’s something to be said about the wide variety of walks, feedings, playtime, and even dressing preferences of four people vs. two.

As a milestone to mark their visit Zane learned how to make raspberry sounds. It was with his Aunt Laura who simply reminded him that the book said he should be doing raspberries soon. Sure enough, he did! Picture tomorrow.

Speaking of pictures, which of these two tub-boy pictures do YOU prefer?

Bath Time