Happy St. Pat

Actually, yesterday was St. Patrick’s day at the preschool. After he got home I got a call. “I have a green shamrock. And a green rose. And ate green frosting!” Of course it doesn’t come over the phone quite this lucid as he’s kind of doing a run-on sentence of everything without any context all the while moving the phone around and trying to reverse engineer the phone system. When I got home he made a point to show me his shamrock and then wanted to see what the picture of it looked like.

We were putting together dinner and I noticed him looking at the two vine-ripe tomatoes on the counter. A minute or so later he says “Yum!” and sure enough one of the tomatoes is missing a bite. Faith suggested cutting it up so it wouldn’t make a mess, but I decided to go with a placemat and big bib and just let him have at it. It was a pool ball sized tomato and it kept him occupied for the next five minutes.