Happy Legs

Impenetrable Distance

Yesterday Faith had a friend over who spent a little time with Zane. Afterwards she commented, “He sure does like to jump!” And that was without seeing him in his jumper.

After work Faith was teaching piano while I watched Zane. Her student’s mother and 2yr old sister were hanging out in the family room. While she was checking out each and every one of Zane’s toys I put him on the floor to watch. Slowly, but surely, he wiggled and crawled his way over to the action, from three feet away, although the route he took covered at least double that.

Laying on the floor, right below the 2yr old, I figured he was in danger of having a book or heavy toy dropped on his head so I picked him up to stand in front of me a couple feet away.

Zane walked back over to them.

Now, granted I was holding his hands, but he was doing all of the motivating of feet and legs. All I could say was, “Uh, wow, he’s never done that before!”

Which I’ll probably be saying for the next few years.

We went out for a nice dinner last night. Zane relaxed with a toy in his car seat while we had our salads and entree. He had a commanding view of the restaurant and attentively followed all of the movement and colors. About the time I was getting full he was getting restless, which worked out nicely for both of us. While Faith finished her meal Zane stood on my lap, jumped on my lap, got rides to the moon, flipped upside down, with a dash of sitting thrown in for variety.

Somewhere in all of that he started the raspberries. Non-stop, hello-everyone-in-the-restaurant-have-you-noticed-our-baby, raspberries.

It was the best night out ever!