Happy Holidays Y'all

One of the great mysteries in the house is where Zane got his southern accent. He’s been saying “Lil’ Halp?” for months now with a pronounced accent. I can’t recall anyone he’s been exposed to that would account for this, perhaps it’s just our imagination. I hadn’t been able to record it until yesterday. In today’s video you’ll hear a a rather tearful version: his banana broke and he wanted a “Lil’ Halp?” fixing it.

Classified under not so mysterious is how his light ends up turned on in the morning before we go in. See, I rearranged the furniture so he wouldn’t be climbing up on the changing table and messing with the windows. Of course now he climbs it and plays with the light switch that I moved it by. One of these days we’ll figure out a good/safe arrangement. Or, mostly likely, he’ll be old enough and we’ll move the changing table out.