Happy Holidays From Zane

Zane was a little more cognizant of xmas this year than last, but I’d say he’s still in the “hey, paper!” stage of celebration. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful presents, he’ll enjoy them over time. If you go by time spent his favorite “present” so far is a little bag one of the presents came in, full of long red and white strips of confetti. He dumps them on the floor and then carefully picks them up one by one to place back in the bag. Even when we started piling it on his head he wasn’t dissuaded.

As our present to you here’s a new Zane movie illustrating his brand-spanking-new going down the stairs technique. Remember the sliding down on his belly method? Gone. It’s the new method or nothing. Zane’s moving on. The lighting in stairwells is seldom bright enough for a good movie but there’s a well lit clip at the end from Toby and Millie’s house Christmas Eve, with a bonus cameo of Tyler.