Happy Happy Happy

Except when he’s not. Zane doesn’t like it when either of us leave. Faith has been going to play rehearsals a couple nights a week and when she heads out the door it’s the most dramatic thing you’ve ever seen (hey, maybe he should audition?). Ditto if she’s feeding Zane and I dare to walk into the room and then leave again.

There’s also this “outside” thing going on. Taking Zane outside is a serious commitment because he won’t want to come back in for a good long time… woe to the parent who tries to cut it short. He doesn’t even have to go outside to be upset. Last night he was playing in the family room a good five feet from the door. I opened and shut the door long enough to throw a bug out and he immediately cast his arms towards “outside” and started crying, “why do you deny me so?”

We spent a half hour exploring outside after his mom left. Being a gear head Zane really enjoys exploring mechanical devices, he’s about ready to change the brake pads on the VW and is pretty embarrassed about the shoddy job his dad did on the rock wall. He no longer eats rocks, at least I haven’t seen it, but it’s hard to say for sure. Even though I watched him like a hawk last night and then carried him inside afterwards I found a small flower in the family room that he’d somehow snuck in. Considering he has no pockets, or skills to use them yet, the only hiding place I can think of is his mouth.

Some other observations from day-to-day Zane.

When we take him for a walk in his little red car he’ll try to drag his foot. Only his left foot and before we caught on he managed to wound one toe. Despite the blood, pain, and parental disapproval (or perhaps because of it) he still tries to sneak it in from time to time.

I’ll usually give him an apple on the start of these walks. The apples are from a wild, old, snarly tree along the road and the apples are similarly ugly and misshapen. Yet Zane will hold and “talk” about the apple for the whole walk, turning it in his hands, messing with the stem, and yet never sneaking a bite.

Zane has always liked opening and closing drawers and cabinets, and now it’s progressed to doors. We’ll be playing in his room and for fun I’ll go over and open the door all of the way. He’ll walk or crawl over, maneuver the door towards closed (not so easy with short arms), and then shut it with a firm slam (managing to move fingers out of the way at the last second). Once complete he’ll usually give the door a couple of reassuring pats before heading back over to the books.