Happy Family

At the end of a long day we captured young son and held him long enough for Grandma to take a photo. I’m going to have to get some sleep one of these days…

Hey, speaking of sleeping. Due to his crazy napping habits of climbing everything in sight we’ve removed pretty much his entire room. Yesterday I took out the last two bookshelves, changing table, diaper pail, towel rack, and hamper. I’d made a blanet tent for him to sleep in but he couldn’t resist climbing on top of it, pulling the whole thing down. The funny thing is that we went to a gymnastics class on Saturday and he wasn’t all that active. Lots of things to climb, roll, jump, and swing from but really all he wanted to do was jump into the pit of foam blocks.

Here’s a short little video from his before bed snack last night when he consumed ALL of the blueberries.