Happy Everything!

Zane really wanted a tree, but I insisted that he needs to clean up at least a big enough area of the floor so we have someplace to put it! Days passed, more days passed. Finally today, with much urging (and help) from us, we could finally see the floor in the living room. He and I headed out to get a tree. The tree farm isn’t running so we went with the next best thing, buying from the Boy Scouts in town. I was thinking of stopping on way back from grocery shopping until I noticed they only had three left! We’re driving around the green, Zane getting nervous about the cars ahead of us, surely intent on buying the last trees.

We ended up with the biggest, fattest tree ever. It was all I could do to drag up through the door and up the stairs. I got it all set up, wedged into the corner with lights hung then he went to town with ornaments. He was singing America and the Dreidel song … our little ambassador of holidays.

p.s. the design is all his, including two “stars” on top