Happy Chinese New Year's Valentine's Day!

But first a photo from bedtime, wearing the “secret message glasses” from a Wizard of Oz book. Quite becoming.

Towards the end of last week we’re driving around and Zane starts asking when Chinese New Year’s is. “I don’t know” wasn’t an acceptable answer. It turns out their school had a parade for it, but they didn’t say or he didn’t catch the exact date. For someone who can latch onto an idea so firmly he often misses the subtleties.

Anyways, the last week has been seeing a bunch of project kind of activity in the living room. He made this huge heart display (at least a half a roll of tape was consumed!) and had me hang it up. He had asked, “Is it ok if I decorate the house for Valentine’s day?” Sure, why not.

Then he hands me a bunch of long strips and asks for them to be hung in the hall, from the ceiling. I asked what kind of Valentine’s decoration these might be, only to be informed that they are for Chinese New Year (the 19th). Oh, right.