Happy Chew Year!

Happy Chew Year

Zane has resolved to get teeth and has started off the New Year redoubling efforts to chew everything that presents itself.

Apparently this includes French doors.

What you can’t tell from the photo is that Zane’s chewing AND standing. I first sat him in front of the door to look out at the new day and when he leaned forward and grabbed at it I helped him to stand up. He spent a few moments taking in the piles of snow before leaning forward and trying to chew his way out. Of course his Dad pulled him away and gave him something cool and clean to chew on…right after taking photos.

I took Zane for a short sled ride yesterday after the snow tapered off. He’d woken from a nap a bit grumpy so I figured a change of scenery would cheer his little heart. It did, there were some genuine smiles and giggles up until the sled tipped over and he found himself with half his face in the snow. I was rushing over to right him and he was smiling that big smile of his, that is until the temperature of his situation started sinking in and we were back to unhappy baby.

To start off the New Year Zane is graduating to eating three solid meals a day, this morning finishing off a half bottle of Banana, Peach, and Oatmeal blend with a few spoons of prunes. He’s even stopped complaining about his dad feeding him.

Being as it is a new month and a new year I’ve uploaded new slide-show photos (instructions for Mac users here) and started a new month in the media gallery (link at top of page).

Sitting at French Door