Happy Birthday Mr. Two Year Old!

Wow, what a year that was! It’s like each year manages to compress even more stuff into it and yet go by even quicker. In the last year Zane went from almost walking to crawling and then back to walking, travelled out west, started feeding himself, talking, climbing, running, and generally having all kinds of fun. Lest we not forget (we won’t!) he also learned the word NO. These days his response to pretty much everything is Nooooo. Unfortunately neither of us are privy to what the various versions of no are. Apparently there are variations in pitch and length and inflection that make one version of NOOOO signify YES and other mean MAYBE and perhaps others which might actually mean NO.

The flash angle was wrong for the following photo, but it has a certain Zane-ness to it that I like anyways. It also shows off his first black fly bite of the season. Ouch!

For your birthday viewing pleasure I’ve compiled a movie of the past year (and past couple of days). Happy Birthday Zane and lot’s of love from your Mom and Dad!